creative mixbus CMB16

This patch is an effect module and need to be placed between a signal generator (synth, drum, sampler) and output. Main purpose is to act as a mixing bus.

CMB16 is our default mix bus. We are using it on literary every channel and also as a master channel in our productions. This patched doesn’t just offer an incredible amount of control to every audio channel on our tracks. The warm analog saturation adds up to incredible pleasing background noise, which creates characteristic Weddinger Schule sound.

Controls the preamp: can increase the input volume to 200 %.

As default, the input audio will be saturated (warm tube saturation). You can turn the saturation off.

RMS-compression with 3 ms attack and 200 ms release time. The input volume needs to cross the middle of the peak-meter to trigger the compressor.

EQ-Section for high and middle frequencies cuts the high frequencies with a -12 db slop and adjustable resonance. Additionally, you can cut/boost a specific frequency area with a very wide Q.

Bass control section allows cut/boost with narrow Q by – 6 / + 6 dB and cut the lows up to 512 Hz with an adjustable roll-off.

Send channel with our reverb studio module (you can change the effect inside the metamodule) with the possibility to switch of the dry signal.

Last touch on the output signal: stereo width, panning and output volume.

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