We are dedicated to producing and publishing electronic music and patches for the modular audio studio, SunVox. Our label, Weddinger Schule, is a non-commercial project; we do not collect any money related to our digital products. If you are interested in collaborating or showcasing your work on our page, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Featured Tracks



  • My private Galaxy

    My private Galaxy

    We are currently residing in a highly fragmented reality where each individual holds their own unique set of values, idols, and icons. It’s akin to a universe brimming with private galaxies, and these galaxies are in a perpetual state of transformation. As evidenced in his latest track, burij’s stars have shifted away from those who…

  • Module Repository

    Module Repository

    Now, there’s an official Weddinger Schule Git repository, making it easier and more efficient for you to access our modules and keep them up to date. If you’re familiar with Git, you already know the drill. Simply clone the repository by executing the following command while in your SunVox presets directory: To ensure you’re always…

  • You Don’t Need Much

    You Don’t Need Much

    Electronic music is a basic necessity. Without it, Burij cannot breathe, cannot function, cannot be himself. So, he doesn’t stop producing. The title of his latest single refers precisely to that. You don’t need it, but you always need the fundamental groove in life that sets the rhythm for everything else. And even when we…

  • Hasty Producer Bundle

    Hasty Producer Bundle

    Indulge in your lust for some juicy modules without any worries with this bundle. You can get them right here without any nonsense. Simply download and try them out; no need to read any further. However, if you’re interested in some additional insights and explanations, we have prepared them for you as a long read,…

  • Last December

    Last December

    Burij, known for his unique blend of electronic music, is back with new material after the release of his debut album at the end of 2021. During the past few years, he took a break to focus on self-teaching and experimentation with new sounds, arrangements, and workflows. The result of this phase is his recent…

  • Focusing on Music Production: Our Decision to Leave Bandcamp and Twitter

    Dear label friends, We have made the decision to remove our presence on Bandcamp and will soon be deleting our Twitter account. This is because we want to focus more on music production. Bandcamp was an experiment for us, as we needed a reliable hosting place for our audio files after the Orfium platform unexpectedly…

  • creative mixbus CMB16

    creative mixbus CMB16

    CMB16 is our default mix bus. We are using it on literary every channel and also as a master channel in our productions. This patched doesn’t just offer an incredible amount of control to every audio channel on our tracks. The warm analog saturation adds up to incredible pleasing background noise, which creates characteristic Weddinger…

  • poli x

    poli x

    This patch offers the possibility to create infinitive amount of sounds, like basses, super saws, leads, pads etc. This is the secret weapon of the label Weddinger Schule in terms of sound design. Since there are a lot of options, we recommend proceeding from top to bottom in your sound design process. The main oscillator…

  • universal drum designer

    universal drum designer

    Probably the most powerful patch we ever designed. From deep kicks over tuned toms to grooving hats, you are able to create almost every percussive sound. The tuning section sets the pitch of the percussion sound. Since most percussive sounds are quickly changing their pitch over time, you are also able to determine the amount…

  • reverb studio

    reverb studio

    You want more possibilities and control in terms of your reverb effect? Then Reverb Studio is, what you need. High- or low cut your input signal, preserve transient with precise predelay, design, color and mix reflection and density parts of your reverb separately. And there is many more for some creative experimentation.

  • sampler pro 2

    sampler pro 2

    Little warrior in the box with our essential tools. You can see it as a wrapper around the default sampler. This patch extends the sampler with some advanced features to fasten your workflow. You will need to go inside the metamodule to use it. There are two essential sound sources: Soundbank and Recorder. We are…

  • a collection of tracks made during the painful but very joyful search for my own unique sound

    a collection of tracks made during the painful but very joyful search for my own unique sound

    by burij The name of this album speaks for itself. Inside you will find the essence of Burij’s musical work during the last couple of years. In between of his collaboration productions, he was constantly experimenting and sculpting on his own sound. The result is this dark, melodic, stripped to the essence LP. There is…

  • OK Ja

    OK Ja

    Johannes V is opening the label release year 2021 with this melodic 10-minutes bomb. It’s his first release since the iconic release “Miami EP” in the early 2017, to which he contributed most of the main tracks. We love the signature dark and melancholic synth riffs in “OK Ja”, which got to a completely new…

  • Statement to House

    Statement to House

    It’s the second track, composed during the summer studio camp with Jarno Harno. Statement to the House is at the same time groovy, funky, confident and political, and it’s also very much fun. We were so impressed by this simple and powerful masterpiece, that we produced a video in the style of nineties for this…

  • Salme’s Shake

    Salme’s Shake

    Jarno Harno is a gifted musician from Helsinki. We locked him up for a week in our studio during the summer of 2020. And this led to a lot of amazing material. His debut record on Weddinger Schule turned out to be incredible touching and highly personal. For this track, Jarno samples the sound of…

  • Lockdown-session


    Electronic live performances are how it’s all started. First Productions after a couple of years of DJing with the Weddinger Schule collective were experiments with live setups. So it’s somehow logical, that our recent creative phase also started with some live sessions. One of them we are making public. New Setups, new processes, new musical…

  • Miami EP

    Miami EP

    by johannes V, burij, leeni When 3 founding members of Weddinge Schule decided to commit to this very sensitive and personal project, the label silently existed for almost 4 years. All 3 of us contributed something to every track of the EP. This record is impossible to put in a box, maybe in the pocket…