Focusing on Music Production: Our Decision to Leave Bandcamp and Twitter

Dear label friends,

We have made the decision to remove our presence on Bandcamp and will soon be deleting our Twitter account. This is because we want to focus more on music production.

Bandcamp was an experiment for us, as we needed a reliable hosting place for our audio files after the Orfium platform unexpectedly stopped working. However, this is one of the problems with platforms, as we have no control over the infrastructure on which we rely. With the help of the Podlove player, we are now able to host our audio files on our own infrastructure and provide them to you in a comfortable way without collecting user behavior. You can also find our label releases on the iTunes podcast directory and listen to them using any podcast app of your choice.

We generally find Bandcamp’s business practices to be acceptable, but we are skeptical about platforms in general. For example, we have never released our music on Spotify because they do not have a suitable publishing model for non-commercial artists like us.

Our decision to leave Twitter is due to both the current developments in the company and the fact that we are not active enough to keep you informed. We believe that Twitter will lose its importance as a central communication platform on the internet in the future. Therefore, we are trying to do what we think is best for the internet by publishing news in a decentralized manner. To stay informed about the latest developments from Weddinger School, you can subscribe to our RSS feed. We will also be writing more news posts to keep our small fanbase informed.

Although we can’t completely avoid platforms, they do have advantages for content creators. We will continue to have a presence on YouTube, as it is the platform we use the most for music consumption and it offers us enough flexibility. We will also continue to provide new releases on Soundcloud, but there may be a delay. We will also continue to test new things, experiment and always keep an eye out for a better decentralized network.

In summary, we want to focus more on music production and strive for a better decentralized network. We hope you will continue to support us and stay cool and electronic.