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  • jarno harno & burij – statement to house (original mix)

    jarno harno & burij – statement to house (original mix)

    It’s the second track, composed during the summer studio camp with Jarno Harno. Statement to the House is at the same time groovy, funky, confident and political, and it’s also very much fun. We were so impressed by this simple and powerful masterpiece, that we produced a video in the style of nineties for this track (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D2hH1I-yBQ). Pretty soon we figured out, that the public had the same opinion: Statement to the House became the most popular release of Weddinger Schule so far (with over 4k plays during the first two weeks). We believe, that packaging had a part of this success. Pierre Sima Kunz contributed beautiful artwork for the record.

  • johannes V, burij, leeni: MIAMI EP

    johannes V, burij, leeni: MIAMI EP

    When 3 founding members of Weddinge Schule decided to commit to this very sensitive and personal project, the label silently existed for almost 4 years. All 3 of us contributed something to every track of the EP. This record is impossible to put in a box, maybe in the pocket near your heart, but not in a box. We needed almost a year to finish those 5 tracks, which are telling a story of an old and deep friendship. It was a beautiful, unforgettable time in our lives, and this time is represented by this weird and unique sound.