universal drum designer

This patch is a sound generator module and need to be placed in the beginning of your signal chain or after a module, which generates MIDI (multisynth, glide etc.).

Probably the most powerful patch we ever designed. From deep kicks over tuned toms to grooving hats, you are able to create almost every percussive sound.

The tuning section sets the pitch of the percussion sound. Since most percussive sounds are quickly changing their pitch over time, you are also able to determine the amount of pitch bend. For the sake of simplicity, the pitch bend envelope is identical to the volume envelope.

Randomizing velocity and pitch of single drum hits creates more natural drum groove.

Pan left/right and stereo width.

Roundness on 0 creates the harmonic part of the drum sound with pure triangle wave. By increasing roundness, the waveform will be modified seamless to a sine wave. Noizyness adds noise to the sound. Noizyness of 32.768 leads to a drum sound with no harmonic information at all (pure noise).

This drum synth is not able to create sustained sounds. Increasing attack may be useful for creating rising effects. Attack affects the harmonic and the noise oscillator simultaneously, but it is possible to set different decay parameters for tone (harmonic wave) and noise.

This destructive effect section is useful to emulate different sizes and materials of percussive instruments. Power adds distortion to the sound, the other 4 parameters are controlling a stock reverb module.

The last section is a custom equalizer, optimized for drums. 12dB high pass filter, which is placed in the end of the chain, is set to 256 Hz as default, since those low frequencies are counterproductive for mid-range percussion. Before it in the chain, you may give a fine touch to the sound with a stock parametric equalizer. With the last knob, you control the frequency of -6dB high shelf filter, which is particularly useful to remove metallic sound and make the tone darker.

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