Category: Instruments

  • poli x

    This patch offers the possibility to create infinitive amount of sounds, like basses, super saws, leads, pads etc. This is the secret weapon of the label Weddinger Schule in terms of sound design. Since there are a lot of options, we recommend proceeding from top to bottom in your sound design process. The main oscillator […]

  • universal drum designer

    Probably the most powerful patch we ever designed. From deep kicks over tuned toms to grooving hats, you are able to create almost every percussive sound just with by mixing of a triangle oscillator and a noise oscillator inside this patch. For even more possibilities (boom!!!) we added a sine oscillator as well. You can […]

  • sampler pro 2

    Little warrior in the box with our essential tools. You can see it as a wrapper around the default sampler. This patch extends the sampler with some advanced features to fasten your workflow. You will need to go inside the metamodule to use it. There are two essential sound sources: Soundbank and Recorder. We are […]