poli x

This patch is a sound generator module and need to be placed in the beginning of your signal chain or after a module, which generates MIDI (multisynth, glide etc.).

This patch offers the possibility to create infinitive amount of sounds, like basses, super saws, leads, pads etc. This is the secret weapon of the label Weddinger Schule in terms of sound design. Since there are a lot of options, we recommend proceeding from top to bottom in your sound design process.

The main oscillator is based on 3 FMX modules. It is possible to mix between saw and pulse wave. With the xmod slider, it is possible to modulate the frequency of the saw wave with the square wave.

Pulse feedback send some output signal back to input. Phase modulation will be used to modulate the pulse wave.

The sub is another oscillator which is tuned one octave lower as the main oscillator. It is possible to change the waveform of the sub oscillator.

Another oscillator creates noise. Noise can be low passed on its own.

The resulting basis waveform can be modulated (AM-modulation) with a custom waveform and static frequency.

With the tuning section, the saw, pulse and sub oscillators can be (de)tuned.

Poli X has an LFO, which can be used to modulate filters, volume, pitch, pulse feedback and ring modulation freq. This can create movement in the sound in an infinity of possible ways.

There are built in simple high- and low-pass filters.

One of two envelopes is a filter envelope. The contour can be formed with the common ADSR parameters. Unique is, that you can use this envelope to modulate different synth parameters (same as with LFO).

To increase stereo width of the sound, very simple built in chorus effect. It is also possible to randomize panning.

If Poli X is used for bass line, You may wish to change the synth in monophonic mode. There are also some additional MIDI-processing settings in the same section.

Simple to use unison effect can be used for more analog like sound.

The last section of the synth is the main envelope. It affects the volume envelope directly, but can additional be used to affect other parameters of the synth.

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