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  • burij – last december (original mix)

    burij – last december (original mix)

    Burij, known for his unique blend of electronic music, is back with new material after the release of his debut album at the end of 2021. During the past few years, he took a break to focus on self-teaching and experimentation with new sounds, arrangements, and workflows. The result of this phase is his recent […]

  • johannes V & burij – OK Ja (original mix)

    johannes V & burij – OK Ja (original mix)

    Johannes V is opening the label release year 2021 with this melodic 10-minutes bomb. It’s his first release since the iconic release “Miami EP” in the early 2017, to which he contributed most of the main tracks. We love the signature dark and melancholic synth riffs in “OK Ja”, which got to a completely new level in this long awaited track. Last minute changed hat rhythms give “OK Ja” a unique, almost drum&bassy texture. This track was produced from the recordings of the studio jam session with johannes V in the end of 2020 in our studio in Berlin, Kreuzberg and we’re pretty proud of it.

  • jarno harno & burij – statement to house (original mix)

    jarno harno & burij – statement to house (original mix)

    It’s the second track, composed during the summer studio camp with Jarno Harno. Statement to the House is at the same time groovy, funky, confident and political, and it’s also very much fun. We were so impressed by this simple and powerful masterpiece, that we produced a video in the style of nineties for this track ( Pretty soon we figured out, that the public had the same opinion: Statement to the House became the most popular release of Weddinger Schule so far (with over 4k plays during the first two weeks). We believe, that packaging had a part of this success. Pierre Sima Kunz contributed beautiful artwork for the record.

  • jarno harno & burij – salme’s shake (original mix)

    jarno harno & burij – salme’s shake (original mix)

    Jarno Harno is a gifted musician from Helsinki. We locked him up for a week in our studio during the summer of 2020. And this led to a lot of amazing material. His debut record on Weddinger Schule turned out to be incredible touching and highly personal. For this track, Jarno samples the sound of his daughter’s recently born daughter. The track was first presented to the broader public during Sauna & Bass festival and caught some attention in the Finnish electronic music community. We’re glad Jarno Harno decided to work with us and became an important member of Weddinger Schule.