sampler pro 2

Little warrior in the box with our essential tools. You can see it as a wrapper around the default sampler. This patch extends the sampler with some advanced features to fasten your workflow.

You will need to go inside the metamodule to use it. There are two essential sound sources: Soundbank and Recorder.

We are using soundbanks to store sample packs. It is basically a metamodule, which contains a bunch of samples (up to 256). All the samples are connected to output. The neat thing about a soundbank is, that you can program your pattern with this metamodule and then just use the knob “02. Input Module” to quickly search for a perfect sample inside your sample pack. The controller “06 Input Module” of Sampler Pro is connected to the controller Input Module of the soundbank inside the Sampler Pro.

The downside of soundbanks is huge project size, if you use soundbanks with a lot of samples. That’s why you’ll find the recorder module inside Sampler Pro. When you have chosen the right sample, go inside Sampler Pro, select Recorder, press Record, Press F10, stop the recording, delete the soundbank. Now your project becomes small again. Since all the controllers of Sampler Pro are manipulating Soundbank and Recorder modules in the same way, you can even manipulate the sample first and make the recording after it.

Instead of soundbank, you can use any other synth or module to create your personal sample. Nothing wrong with that.

Sampler Pro has 2 Envelops, one to control the amplitude of your sample, the other one controls a filter. You can decide the filter type, pitch your sample, pan it, determine the starting point of the sample (offset-function) or even randomize the velocity to give your drum groove some human drummer feeling.

In the second version of this device, we added knob color (you will need at least sunvox 2.0) and the looper function for some glitch effects.

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