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Hasty Producer Bundle

Indulge in your lust for some juicy modules without any worries with this bundle. You can get them right here without any nonsense. Simply download and try them out; no need to read any further.

However, if you’re interested in some additional insights and explanations, we have prepared them for you as a long read, right here.


We gave a lot of thought to the distribution of modules and considered multiple factors that led us to adopt an experimental distribution method of metamodules. These factors included:

  • How the Sunvox producer wanted to present new modules
  • A publishing process that doesn’t lag too far behind the patching process
  • Limited time

Taking these considerations into account, we came up with the idea of packaging metamodules in so-called “packs”. And what better way to bundle metamodules than with other metamodules? Simply load this package into your project, click on “edit”, and start exploring.



But what exactly is inside this mysterious package? Inside, you will find a carefully curated collection of our newest or updated patches, as well as some classics that have proven to be versatile and useful in almost every track we produce in our studio.

These modules are already connected in a way that allows you to try them out immediately and save them to your module library for future use. Additionally, this pack can also serve as an alternative starting template, as it contains everything you need to begin creating a track.

You probably already guessed why this pack is called the Hasty Producer Bundle. Its purpose is to improve workflows in Sunvox, save time, and help you concentrate on finishing your music.

Each module comes with a detailed description located right under its controllers. However, let’s quickly go through the individual patches to get a better overview of the pack:

Module 1

The Basis synth is a straightforward tool that excels in quickly producing sound design drafts. It’s commonly used during the composition stage of a project and is often substituted later on with slightly more sophisticated signal chains.

Module 1s

Module 1s is a refined version of Module 1, offering a further development of the same synthesizer with a slightly different focus. While it can still be used as a standalone tool, it’s often utilized as a starting point for more complex audio chains. With its expanded capabilities, Module 1s opens up new possibilities for discovering engaging waveforms. However, the raw sound produced by Module 1s may require additional effects to truly shine.


This low-pass filter is a widely used audio effect, resulting in a warm, rounded tone. It can also add subtle modulation and distortion, enhancing the character and depth of a sound.


For even move movement, there’s a patch that combines vibrato with a signal knob to control various parameters in an interesting way. This patch reacts dynamically to incoming sound, making it an easy tool for adding depth and character to a sound.

Unison Nova

Creating a true unison effect in Sunvox can be achieved by creating multiple instances of the same synth, detuning them, mixing and panning them correctly. However, this method can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, with the use of this module, it is now possible to achieve a similar effect with just one simple metamodule.


The Space module combines multiple default audio effects to create realistic or experimental room effects.

Drum Designer

Although this is a classic patch that we previously released, nothing has been able to completely replace this module yet, perhaps due to its unique ability to generate a wide variety of percussive sounds. However, it can be a bit difficult to use and goes against some of our current module design criteria. It’s fair to say that the module has reached its late life cycle phase.


In contrast, Pulsar belongs to a newer generation of drum synthesizers that aims to do less but do it better. Pulsar specializes in producing FMish sounding snares and toms, and it does so in a lightweight and user-friendly package.


Hatmaker is one of our more recent creations. It is a highly efficient module designed to create hihat grooves quickly and reliably by generating a wide variety of metallic open or closed hihats.


This patch specializes in generating noise. However, noise can be a powerful tool for sound design, and this patch offers a great way to incorporate it into your productions.


If you’re creating bass riffs, it’s always good to have Bender close at hand. Bender is a MIDI effect that adds a pitch bend effect to your notes. Like Multisynth or Glide, this effect should be placed before your sound generator in the signal chain.


While the tracker-style of music creation can be great, there are times when different approaches may be faster and easier. Sequencers have long been a big part of electronic music culture, but currently, there are no native sequencers in Sunvox. This patch serves to fill that gap for the time being.


The same is true for granular synthesis. We believe that regenerating note commands before a sampler in the signal chain is currently the closest you can get to this great type of synthesis. We have successfully recreated all the typical settings of common grain synthesizers, allowing you to achieve the desired granular synthesis effects in your productions.

Creative Mixbus CMB16

During the mixing phase of a music project, transitioning from the creative composing phase can sometimes feel more like practicing a craft than creating art, as it often involves repetitive tasks. We have tried to alleviate this by bundling all of this repetitiveness into one metamodule, making the mixing process as efficient as possible. Creative Mixbus has been a staple in closing the signal chain of every channel in our projects for years. This updated version of the module features performance improvements thanks to the new saturation methods in Sunvox.

Thematic EQ

This is an uncommon tool that can be used during the mixing phase. While there are all types of EQs available, to our knowledge there are no other thematic EQs like this one. Imagine a scenario where you hear a problem in your mix, but you can’t quite pinpoint the right frequencies or approach to solve it. This is where the thematic EQ comes in to help. It’s a useful tool to have on your master channel or after problematic signal chains.


The last patch in this pack is a single-purpose tool designed for the mixing/arranging phase. Simply drop it after an instrument that appears too harsh in the mix during its first appearance (such as a lead synth) and this instrument will come in slowly and smoothly. Stager emulates automation, which can be tricky and time-consuming to create manually in Sunvox.

Bleeding Edge

The “Hasty Producer Bundle” is a collection of our most commonly used tools at the moment. However, as time goes on, this collection is subject to change faster than we can prepare posts like this.

As a solution, we offer a download of the development version of this pack. Please keep in mind that this is a work-in-progress file and may contain modules that are not ready or very buggy, with improper descriptions, or even modules that have already been replaced depending on how long ago this post was made in comparison to your visit. Additionally, the link may not be working due to issues with our studio sync server’s DNS. You are welcome to try the latest development version at your own risk.

Final Thoughts

Regarding future releases, this new format doesn’t change much, to be honest. We may release additional packs or single modules soon, but we simply weren’t able to work through the backlog of interesting modules one by one, which is why we bundled them.

In any case, keep making music! Speed matters for finishing more tracks, and in case you’ve never heard of Sunvox before, it’s definitely worth checking out. It offers a whole new amazing world of possibilities.

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